Emily Martin - No Not Even Like

(July 2019)

No Not Even Like was written between July 2015 and September 2016.
See: www.myemilymartin.com


Explicitly complicated instructor
Spindling disdain
She stood at a mute spindling disdain splayed in delft blues distilled social salience
That a unicorn is approaching appears to be true though syntactically speaking, I am taking place
He knew she was flapping
The headquarters
Her system
Your system
My system
Circadian flip
Circadian frippery
Martyrial frippery
Unmartyred frippery
He had already been humbled it wasn't the flowers
Purgatory lilt
Textual performance and lyric conceptualism
Or you're ignoring me which is fucked up
But regarding emotional labor
But I also felt/feel like you were kind of ignoring me or at least like
Comed acct number
She would never claim that she lived without extravagance
A sort of knotted regret
Regret and anxiety pulling at each other in opposite directions
Pretend corners
The accidents of light, here, seem to engender no spleen
Doing the work of children
Barthes loves childhood, light, Proust, also v racist

Hand-bound chapbook in an edition of 25.

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