Carman Moore - Soul Musings

(June 2024)

Reading Group is thrilled to present our second collaboration with the magisterial composer Carman Moore. Following the 2020 release of his gorgeous chamber soundtrack to the film "Personal Problems" (1980), "Soul Musings" is a double-CD representing Carman's innerly composerly life of the last several decades. Consisting mostly of sketched ideas, meditations, and improvisations on synthesizer or piano, this record is both an intimate portrait of the artist at home as well as spiritual gift. Disc 1, "Soul Musings," spans a broad range of sonic palettes and moods from the celebratory to the mournful, with a deep inquisitive presence of mind at work throughout. Disc 2, "Afro-Latin Meditations," builds from the New York-inspired musical environments Moore developed in "Personal Problems," a heartfelt dedication to the city where he has been composing and listening for more than 50 years.

Introduction to the album by Carman Moore:

SOUL MUSINGS is a series of mainly-meditative excitements I've improvised both at piano and at my Ensoniq keyboard over several years. Many are short pieces that started out with grander intentions—as would-be orchestral or choral or even solo vocal songs lacking lyrics. Some were taken from a work that will someday be released as the album "Love Notes to Central Park." Some are plucked from the earlier meditative album "Meditations and Dances to the Millennium." Some were get-well improvs for special friends in need. Most were simply deep-night or mid-day answers to the call of the Tao. Especially for AFRO-LATIN MEDITATIONS, so many were called forth from the Hispanic/Latino sound, rhythm and heart of New York City living. And some others come from time spent living and creating the forest-oriented children's opera RASUR in Costa Rica in 2002. In any event I love all these works and hope they will function as mental and spiritual transportation for YOU its listeners.


Composed and performed by Carman Moore in New York City, 2002-2023. Mastered by Matt Bachmann, published by Reading Group, rg27, 2024.
Ships June 2024. Pre-order link coming imminently.

Edition of 200 glass-mastered 2xCDs.

order digital from bandcamp.

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